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Helping you attain better communication.

Being able to talk or communicate with others is one of the essential human functions. When it is compromised, people may lose their independence and may increase possible risks in their health. With the help of our speech therapy, we can improve or restore their function. These services do not only focus on communication but also in evaluating and treating of receptive and expressive language disorders, speech disorders, oral-motor skills, swallowing disorders, voice disorders, and cognitive-communication disorders.

Speech language pathology can evaluate and perform treatments for voice disorders, speech articulation disorders, dysphagia, dysphasia/aphasia treatment, aural rehabilitation and non-oral communication.

We aim to help clients:

  • Maximize functional independence in communicating and swallowing
  • Reduce the risk of aspiration and choking
  • Increase knowledge of speech, language and swallowing disorders, and of appropriate treatment processes

Our licensed speech pathologists are committed to providing individuals and their families with meaningful interventions to lead their lives to better health and helping them reach their goals. If you have questions about our speech therapy services, feel free to contact us.