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Providing hands-on therapy to move you to independence.

If you need physical therapy services at home, we have the resources and appropriate interventions to support you.

Bexar Care Home Health, Inc. aims to deliver physical therapy services for individuals who want to spend their healing process at home or other alternative settings. Our therapists and other clinicians are trained and qualified to help recover your mobility, monitor your symptoms, and help you adapt to your lifestyle changes. Whether you have undergone surgery, joint replacement, or other illnesses that have affected your function, we are ready to help you.

Physical therapy evaluates and performs gait, balance, coordination training, strengthening exercises and other therapeutic modalities as ordered by physician support by evaluation. Physical therapy can establish/instruct on Home exercise program and may need to include orthopaedic after care therapy.

Our physical therapy services include:

  • Assistance on walking
  • Exercises on stair climbing and walking on other elevated floors
  • Transfers
  • Education and exercises on balance and coordination
  • Assistance on getting in and out of bed
  • Home Safety Evaluation and Modifications
  • Fall Prevention Instruction

If you are suffering due to an injury or illness that limits your ability to move around, feel free to contact us. Our physical therapists are ready to provide rehabilitation in your home.