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Nursing Services

At Bexar Care Home Health, Inc., we bring care from the hospital right into your own residences. It will be provided by home health care professional in the field of nursing as they administer a comprehensive care plan that is patient-centered.

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who have been in the profession for years. Their length of experience is a testament to what they can do for you and your family in order to improve the health situation and management. We have knowledgeable and well-trained team members such as:

  • RNs (Registered Nurses)
  • LVNs (Licensed Vocational Nurses)

Our home care professional nurses are proficient in delivering skilled services. The following are not just limited to what are skilled nurses can do:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of health status
  • Disease Management Education
  • Catheter care and change
  • Wound care, Dressing and wound vac
  • Medication administration injections
  • Anticoagulant monitoring
  • Tube feeding, G-tube care and teaching
  • Pre- and post surgery care
  • Vital sign monitoring
  • Diabetic care and education
  • Respiratory Pulmonary care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Home safety evaluation and education
  • Pain Management
  • Nutrition and therapeutic diet education
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