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Value Driven, High Quality, Compassionate In-Home Care

Doctor's Referral

Bexar Care Home Health, Inc. is able to work with physicians in ensuring the continuity of care for their patients.

Why Choose Us

We understand what you're going through when you have an illness, a disability or an injury. We want to be there to help!

Mission Statement

Bexar Care Home Health, Inc. is a preferred provider of value driven, high quality in-home health services.

About Us

Bexar Care Home Health, Inc. is a local nurse-owned and operated home health agency committed to consistently provide safe and quality home health services to residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are Medicare Certified and Medicare Licensed.

Our dedicated teams of healthcare professionals have the medical knowledge, interpersonal skills and compassion to promote client independence and health in the comforting surroundings of the patient’s own home.

Home Care is made up of a wide range of services that can be delivered at home to recovering physically challenged or chronically ill patients. Care provided in the home is less stressful on patients and family members and is usually covered by Medicare and some private insurance.

You can talk with health experts who are responsible to take on the serious task of helping you get better. Call us anytime for inquiries or to request for home health care – (210) 822-2048.

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